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we understand that participants and event organisers may have questions about the service we provide. This page shows answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you cannot see the answer please feel free to contact us and a member of the team will be in touch.


What's the difference between gun time and chip time?

At many mass participation events such as running, triathlons and competitive cycling events there is an official start time for the event, this is typically signed by a gun.

The gun time is the official time used in 99% of races and is typically used to calculate the results. The gun time is the time from the official start time to when you cross the finish line.

The chip time is the net time and is the time it takes you to complete the race from the time you cross the start line. The chip time gives each participant an accurate record of their own time.

I have ridden a sportive why does my position not show on the website?

Sportives are non-competitive events were up to several thousand participants take part in the event. If these events were competitive events they would not be allowed to take place on the open road and the event insurance would be invalid.

The results are therefore presented on the website without the position. You can however use the search bar to select the event ‘Distance’ then click on the finish time heading to sort the results.

How do I correctly fit a sportive number onto my bike?

Please visit our how to fit tags page.

How do I wear a tag for a Triathlon?

Please visit our how to fit tags page.

I won a prize – when will I receive this?

We are responsible for timing the event and proving the organiser with the results. The event organiser is responsible for distributing the prizes to the prize winners. We suggest you contact the event organiser.

Can you explain why I have been given a penalty?

Our timing staff only add penalties in the system when advised by the race referee. Once we have added this penalty we cannot remove this unless we have been advised by the event referee or race organiser. If you would like to find out why you have been given a penalty or have a genuine reason to dispute it we would suggest you contact the race referee directly or the event organiser.


What information do you require to time a race?
How far in advance do you need the participants data?
How long do you need to setup?
How long will it take to produce the results?
Do you require a deposit to confirm the event?
I have a booking with you and I need to cancel the race, what is the cancellation policy?